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What You Need to Know About Gun Cleaning Kits for Field Applications

What You Need to Know About Gun Cleaning Kits for Field Applications
Posted Date: 23-Feb-2016   //   Posted By: Joe Fazio  

Gun safety goes beyond good shooting. It also involves proper and periodic gun cleaning using the correct tools and procedures. Out in the field, however, this process is typically more challenging. At home, firearm owners have easy access to their gun cleaning sets. These sets are often well-stocked. Some shooters may also use big chests to store their supplies, which are then stowed away in a convenient part of their property. This setup is almost impossible when you need to clean your firearms in the field. Field cleaning sets have different features, and knowing them is important to ensure that your gun remains in top condition wherever you are.

Gun Cleaning Kits in the Field

Out in the field, you’re often on the move. You also have less storage capacity with room only for the essentials. Therefore, gun cleaning kits should be lightweight. If you need to clean shotguns, rifles, or other firearms, there are available small cleaning kits that are easy to use and transport. If you have a handgun, for example, this kit will contain a small pouch with supplies you need such as a cleaning brush and cleaning rod.

In addition to being lightweight, your cleaning supplies should also be fit for rough environments. Liquid and semi-solid lubricants, for instance, may not survive long under extreme weather conditions. For such cases, consider bringing dry lubricants. These are solid, and instead of coating the moving parts of your gun with a fluid substance, they reduce friction without the use of oil. This characteristic makes it easier to keep out grit buildup. For those who require gun cleaning in muddy, dusty, or dirty environments, dry lubricants are a practical selection.

Bring Extra Supplies

Once you have your setup, remember to keep extra supplies on hand. You never know when you’ll be able to replenish your stock. It’s a good idea to keep some on hand to replace contaminated or dirty items. For example, brass cleaning brushes and cotton cleaning patches should always be present in your handgun, pistol, shotgun, or rifle cleaning kit. Clean rags will come in handy for the dirty parts of your weapon. A good set of dental picks and pipe cleaners are also nice to have. If you have a bit more space, some hemostats can be useful when you need an extra hand to hold items in place.

Even out in the field, proper firearm maintenance should not be neglected. A gun in proper working condition is essential for any situation. Out there, a carefully put-together gun cleaning kit with some extra supplies is an excellent thing to have for any firearm owner.

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