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Color Chart

Please remember that monitors may not display the colors accurately. The metal, preparation, application and baking times/temperatures will also have an effect on the color. We must stress that the colors shown below are for GUIDANCE ONLY and that the actual color may differ from those shown.

Use this grayscale chart to gauge the color accuracy of your monitor. If they do not look gray or if you cannot see the steps between percentages, please adjust your monitor.

  • 1600 Flat Black
  • 1600 Flat Black
  • 2300 Original Black
  • 2400 Gloss Black
  • 2401 Flat Black
  • 2401 Satin Black
  • 2402 Flat Light OD
  • 2402 Flat OD Green
  • 2402 Light OD
  • 2402 MIL Spec Grey
  • 2402 Moly OD Green
  • 2402 MS Moly MIL Spec Grey OD
  • 2402 OD Green
  • 2403 Flat Light Grey
  • 2403 Light Grey
  • 2403 Satin Grey
  • 2404 Flat Tan Dark Earth
  • 2405 Flat Service Brown
  • 2405 Service Brown
  • 2406 Brushed Stainless
  • 2407 Pale Gold
  • 2408 Silver
  • 2410 Flat White
  • 2410 Satin White
  • 2411 Satin Red
  • 2412 Satin Orange
  • 2413 Gun Metal Blue
  • 2414 Satin Royal Blue
  • 2417 Purple
  • 2418 Titanium
  • 2419 Pink
  • 2421 Satin Brass
  • 2422 Satin Antique Brass
KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner
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Price: $11.28
Product ID : R612

KG-12 was developed specifically to clean the copper fouling from large bore military weapons. KG-12 provides professional shooters, gunsmiths, armorers, hunters and other firearm enthusiasts with a product that will remove the toughest copper fouling without damaging the bore. Unlike ammonia-based products, there is no need to neutralize KG-12 or to remove it quickly because KG-12 contains no ammonia. 

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Customer Reviews and Comments
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Reviewed by ryanzroost
08/23/2011 - 08:06:45 AM
KG-12 real world test
Having recently purchased a used Mini 30 which as far as I could tell had never been properly cleaned or maintained. I spent several hours using other well known copper removing products and procedures without success, including several over night soaks with ammonia and still the barrel had such heavy copper fouling that the bore appeared to be copper plated. I searched my local area in vain to find an electrolyses device to remove the copper as I was sure this was the only way to possibly salvage this barrel without replacing it. No one in my area had one of these devices and the cost of buying one was just not justified as these funds would go much better for a replacement barrel. After seeing some of the bullet dissolving test done with KG-12 I decided to buy some and give it a try, but none of our local gun shops or sporting supplies had any of KGâ