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  • 1200 Air Cure

    1200 Air Cure

    Single part air cured coating with a cure time of only 80 minutes and is the ideal coating for all plastics, rubber or any substrate that cannot be subjected to high heat.

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  • 1600F High Load PTFE

    1600F High Load PTFE

    The 1600 Series was developed for use where high lubricity and extended corrosion resistance is needed.

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  • 2300 Original Gun Kote

    2300 Original Gun Kote

    The 1600 Series was developed for use where high lubricity and extended corrosion resistance is needed.

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  • 2400 Series Gun Kote

    2400 Series Gun Kote

    The 2400 Series Gun Kote is a hard, abrasion resistant coating which meets and exceeds all military and aerospace specifications for protective coatings.

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  • 2500 Metallics

    2500 Metallics

    The 2400 Series Metallic Gun Kote provides excellent impact resistance, lubricity, heat dissipation, chemical and corrosion resistance, durability and scratch resistance.

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  • 3000 Gear Kote

    3000 Gear Kote

    Gear Kote provides a thin/lubricating film that will reduce friction, prevent galling and seizing, aid in heat dissipation and will protect base metal from corrosion.

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  • 3400 Series Ceramic Fill

    3400 Series Ceramic Fill

    3400 Series Ceramic Fill provides an excellent non-reflective finish, excellent scratch resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and good corrosion resistance, while still providing good heat dissipation.

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  • 4000 K-Phos Pretreatment

    4000 K-Phos Pretreatment

    K-Phos offers the protection against rust and corrosion formerly available only by means of a complex system of tanks and solutions.

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  • C-Kote Pure Ceramic

    C-Kote Pure Ceramic

    C-Kote is a true water reducible ceramic coating developed for the coating of exhaust manifolds, piston domes and other applications where high heat management and wear of abrasion resistance is required.

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  • Gun Cleaning Mat

    Gun Cleaning Mat

    ‚ÄčThe KG Gun Mat is a useful and practical product that solves the problem of trying to find something to clean your guns on, besides the bathroom towels or news papers.

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  • Range Mat

    Range Mat

    Made from the same material as our leading Gun Mat, the Range Mat is perfect for the bench at your favorite range.

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  • Site Kote

    Site Kote

    KG's New Site Kote was developed to meet the need to replace the Safety indicators and sight markings after refinishing a firearm.

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