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After curing the part it was wiped down with MEK/Acetone and a small amount of color came off on the rag. Why?

Gun Kote is completely resistant to all known solvents once cured however after the initial cure some color coming off the substrate when wiped down with MEK or Acetone is normal, especially on flat colors. It is referred to as “fluff”. However if an appreciable amount of color is removed with these solvents the coating is probably not cured.

A typical reason for excessive color wiping off with solvents is usually caused by poor curing. Ovens can have cold spots that will cause incomplete curing or the way substrates are placed in the oven can cause inconstant temperatures across the substrate.

If the temperature in the oven is determined to be consistent and you’re seeing excessive color coming off the substrate when wiped down with any solvent please call our technical staff for help at 800 348 9558.

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