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Gun Cleaning Supplies: 3 Things To Remember When Cleaning Your Gun

Gun Cleaning Supplies: 3 Things To Remember When Cleaning Your Gun
Posted Date: 02-Feb-2016   //   Posted By: Joe Fazio  

Being a gun owner comes with a responsibility to maintain and clean the device. Whatever use you have for your gun, may it be for hunting, sport, police job, or recreational activities, it’s essential that it is always in top condition. The lack of gun maintenance can lead to malfunction. A dirty gun may not fire properly or break down due to damages caused by rusts, wear, and tear.

Aside from getting excellent gun cleaning supplies, there are other important reminders you need to keep in mind when cleaning your gun. Here are three of them:

  1. Carefully Look Inside
    Unloading your gun before cleaning is necessary. Do this before going into the cleaning part and make sure that there are no rounds remaining as this could potentially be hazardous. From back to front, see into the barrel to ensure that it is free of bullets. Only consider the gun fully unloaded after you’ve personally looked into the barrel.
  2. Disassemble Properly
    There is such a thing as overstripping when it comes to gun cleaning. When disassembling, only take out the parts that are necessary to be cleaned. For instance, rifles and semi-automatic pistols will have to be disassembled into major parts such as the barrel, magazine, frame, and guide rod. Other types of guns, on the other hand, may not have to be stripped of their parts to clean them. The manufacturer of your gun can tell you how to properly assemble the unit, so don’t hesitate to seek their advice if you’re unsure to avoid reassembling problems and malfunctions.
  3. Avoid Redepositing Dirt
    When cleaning the barrel out with a patch soaked with a cleaning solution, push it through the bore and don’t pull it back. Let it exit the other end and then remove the patch as pulling it back in will just redeposit the dirt into the barrel. That way, you will be able to remove the dirt better.

These are only some of the important reminders when cleaning a gun. It’s also necessary to have your own cleaning kit filled with high quality cleaning solutions and materials such as CLP so that you’re able to maintain your gun as regularly as possible. Some gun owners clean their guns after every use to prevent rust and other harsh elements from living inside their guns and causing severe damages. To get good gun cleaning products, go to a reliable company such as KG Coatings.


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