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Understanding the Basics of Dry Film Coating

Understanding the Basics of Dry Film Coating
Posted Date: 13-Jun-2014   //   Posted By: Joe Fazio  

Guns and military items require regular maintenance in order to keep them in the best shape possible. Things like corrosion, rusting, heat damage, and abrasions can all cause major issues. But among most guns, the biggest issues will always stem from an overall lack of proper lubrication. Gun oil and other lubricants are important to use, and among them one of the most worthwhile investments will certainly be that of a dry film coating. Understanding the basics behind this type of coating isn't difficult and will help you understand just how and why you owe it to yourself to use it on all of your guns.

A dry film coating is also called by other names, usually a dry film lubricant or a solid film lubricant. Whatever name you assign to it, it works in basically the same way. Instead of staying liquid and runny, upon application this coating will gradually take on a kind of film, clinging to ferrous or nonferrous metals. It can be polished or buffed and will take on a high sheen as well, helping aid in the appearance of external portions of the gun. Once you've applied it properly your gun will benefit from several things.

Basically, a dry film coating works like other lubricants and reduces friction. It also reduces the impact of heat during use, dissipates the heat, protects against corrosion, and safeguards against seizing and galling. All of these factors are serious gun issues but applying this coating to your guns will help to prevent them in nearly all cases. It's a high quality lubricant type material that is well worth buying for all of your guns. In fact, it's rated for use by the military and is a standard issue lubricant for their maintenance teams. In other words, it's so important even the military relies on it.

A gun is an investment, and you need to keep them working properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep them working properly for the rest of your life. Neglecting them will lead to malfunctions and could even results in personal injury in some cases. A dry film coating is the best step you can take towards protecting your guns and yourself and will ensure they work properly while protecting against corrosion. There's really no better option on the market in terms of value for the money and results that you know you can depend on.

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