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Dry Film Lubricants

Lubricating firearms, select auto parts, and other machine parts with fluid lubricants can sometimes be inefficient or inadequate. Oil, for example, may not get evenly distributed across the surface of the metal part, leaving certain areas at risk of high friction. Fluid lubricants may not even work with some surfaces, as it can wear off quickly and you’ll have to apply another coating again. For environments with high or low temperatures where fluids may vaporize or freeze, dry film lubricants or solid lubricants are ideal to use.

  • 1600 High Load PTFE

    1600 High Load PTFE

    Dry film lubricants are able to reduce friction just as effectively as liquid-based lubricants. 1600 High Load PTFE is one of our powerful dry film coating products that act as both a lubricant and a protective film. Once applied, this dry film lubricant creates a thin finish that provides lubrication and corrosion resistance. It can also withstand temperatures of up to 450 °F, and can be formulated for spray and dip spin applications.

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  • 3000 Gear Kote

    3000 Gear Kote

    It’s not just corrosion that threatens the stability and durability of guns, machines, and other metal components; extreme heat produced by friction also affects these components. 3000 Gear Kote is engineered to protect from corrosion, dissipate heat, and prevent galling and seizing. It also gives metal surfaces an elegant sheen that lasts.

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  • KG-10 Micro Moly Dry Lube

    KG-10 Micro Moly Dry Lube

    To ensure that the lubricant and coating stay on longer, the film has to adhere firmly onto the metal’s surface. KG-10 Micro Moly Dry Lube, a dry no-mess lubricant, goes on wet, enabling it to penetrate into the metal’s microscopic tubules and leave a pure Moly dry film that doesn’t attract dust or dirt.

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