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KG Industries LLC is your one-stop shop for high-grade metal coatings, cleaners, and lubricants. We offer a vast selection of products that can be used for different applications in a variety of industries.

  • Gun Cleaning Mat

    Gun Cleaning Mat

    The KG Gun Mat is a useful and practical product that solves the problem of trying to find something to clean your guns on, besides the bathroom towels or newspapers. This polypropylene-based product keeps dirt, oil, grease, and other substances from sticking back to your gun’s surface after cleaning. You can even use it to wipe away excess oil and grease while wrapping up. It also helps protect the surface you’re working on from potent chemicals.

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  • KG-1 Carbon Remover

    KG-1 Carbon Remover

    KG-1 is pH neutral and is ideal for removing carbon from black powder rifles, centerfire, rimfire, automatic and gas assisted weapons.

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  • KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner

    KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner

    KG-12 provides professional shooters, gunsmiths, armorers, hunters and other firearm enthusiasts with a product that will remove the toughest copper fouling without damaging the bore.

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  • KG-2 Bore Polish

    KG-2 Bore Polish

    KG-2 will help reduce the need for fouling shots and it is recommended and used by SWAT and sniper teams.

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  • KG-3 Solvent and Degreaser

    KG-3 Solvent and Degreaser

    ​KG-3 is a non-chlorinated ozone safe formula used to remove the residue loosened by KG-1, KG-2, KG-12 and for cleaning and degreasing parts.

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  • KG-410 Light Weight Oil

    KG-410 Light Weight Oil

    KG’s Light Weight Penetrating Oil is intended for use when a fast, temporary cleaning is necessary.

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  • Range Mat

    Range Mat

    Made from the same material as our leading Gun Mat, the Range Mat is perfect for the bench at your favorite range.

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  • Rifle Cleaning Kit

    Rifle Cleaning Kit

    KG Industries’ Rifle Cleaning Kit is designed to make cleaning, polishing, and oiling your rifle easier and more convenient. Our compact kit includes products that will help in keeping your rifles clean, protected, and functioning properly.

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  • Shotgun Cleaning Kit

    Shotgun Cleaning Kit

    The KG Shotgun Cleaning Kit contains products to help make cleaning your shotgun easy and convenient. The products included in the pack – solvent degreaser, carbon remover, bore polish, and gun oil – are the solutions you need to ensure that your firearm is not only clean, but also functions properly.

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